Tiger1 Co. Ltd is a consultancy company specializing in the field of heavy machinery, earth moving machines and port-handling equipment, based in Damascus, Syria.  Established in 1983, Tiger1 Co. Ltd can assist companies looking to buy, sell or hire cranes, heavy machinery and other related products throughout the Middle East, and particularly in the rapidly expanding markets of Syria and Iraq.


Tiger1 Co. Ltd is particularly proud of our exclusive agencies with a number of leading suppliers in this field.  These companies include:


Terex-Demag (All terrain cranes)                                       

Locatelli SPA (Rough terrain cranes)                                 

Kroll Cranes A/S (Tower cranes)                                       

CVS Ferrari SPA (Port handling equipment)


Due to our extensive experience and numerous contacts in the field of heavy machinery, Tiger1 Co. Ltd can facilitate the needs of both suppliers and buyers in their business dealings in the Middle East.  If you would like to learn more about Tiger1 Co. Ltd , please contact us at