Cranes and Heavy Machinery


We can offer you valuable guidance and expertise with the marketing of your equipment.  In addition to this, we provide a consultancy service with regard to winning service and refurbishment contracts for existing machinery.  Tiger 1 can pinpoint suitable tenders, potential customers and openings in the market.  Through our established contacts in the Middle East, we can facilitate effective company introductions to our clients, and assist with the presentation and submission of subsequent offers and tenders.  We follow the contract through the contractual stages, all the way through to the shipment, erection and commissioning of the machinery.


We are also eager to establish contacts with companies in different fields of the heavy equipment industry – cement mixers, wheel loaders, excavators, gantry cranes, offshore cranes, small forklifts.


If you have an enquiry regarding any of the above or you would like more detailed information, contact us at



Cranes & Heavy Machinery


Whatever your needs are, Tiger 1 can advise you as to the necessary equipment required for your project, and assist you in the acquisition and maintenance of the equipment.  We are able to supply all kinds of cranes and heavy machinery, either new or second hand, together with the related spare parts and components.


Below is a list of the machinery that we supply most regularly:


·          All terrain cranes (supplied by TEREX-DEMAG)

·          Rough terrain cranes (supplied by LOCATELLI)

·          Quay cranes (supplied by KROLL CRANES A/S)

·          Fork lifts (supplied by CVS FERRARI SPA)

·          Reach Stackers (supplied by CVS FERRARI SPA)

·          Trucks and trailers (supplied by CVS FERRARI SPA)

·          Excavators

·          Vibrating rollers

·          Compaction machines

·          Wheel loaders