- Terex-Demag GmbH & Co. KG...(All terrain cranes)
- Locatelli SPA.........................(Rough terrain cranes)
- Kroll Cranes A/S.....................(Tower cranes)
- CVS Ferrari SPA.....................(Port handling equipment)

Terex-Demag (All terrain cranes

Terex Cranes offers an unparalleled range of lifting capabilities.  Products include mobile hydraulic all terrain cranes and crawler lattice boom cranes

Terex offers customers across the globe the highest return on invested capital, with a broad range of world class, high performance products for all demanding applications.

Terex brings a new level of product support to each product.  The company wide commitment of providing best product value possible includes providing the parts, training and service necessary to keep Terex products operating productively.


Locatelli SPA (Rough terrain cranes)

Locatelli SPA is a well known Italian manufacturer of hydraulic telescopic cranes and specializes in the production of rough terrain and all terrain cranes.  The modern production facilities are based in northern Italy near Bergamo, 50km from Milan. 

The success of Locatelli Cranes is based on their reliability, high performance level and low maintenance costs as a result of high quality components, no compromise in construction and long experience of specialized manufacturing.




Kroll Cranes A/S (Tower cranes)

Based on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Kroll is a member of the Muhibbah Engineering Group and produces cranes from as far down as 50 tm to 25000 tm.

Krøll is always expanding its fleet of standard cranes (70 tm to 560 tm), with new and improved models keeping up with the markets demands. With more than 40 years of experience in crane manufacturing, Krøll Cranes A/S is one of the leading companies in the field of high capacity tower cranes (800 tm to 25.000 tm), which are especially suited for construction of e.g. power plants, dams, tunnels, large buildings, shipyards. They create cranes of high quality with long life and low maintenance, for the benefit of their customers.

Since the mid 70's Krøll has supplied tower cranes tailor made for any application in many parts of the world. These cranes have been based on our standard range of cranes, but normally modified in various ways to suit the particular application, as customer requirements are different from case to case.


CVS Ferrari SPA (Port handling equipment)

C.V.S. SPA is  a leading manufacturer of Container Handling Equipment which began its operation in 1973 in Roveleto di Cadeo (Pc) located in the northern part Italy.  C.V.S. now manufactures the most complete range of Container Handling Equipment both for standard requirements and the most special Customers' specification.

C.V.S. can offer a comprehensive selection of standard as well as specially designed Container Handling Equipment including: Fork Lift Trucks, Reach Stackers, Terminal Tractors and RO-RO Tractors all available with optional suitable to meet all Customers needs.

The exclusive reliability of C.V.S. production is the result of first class manufacturing facilities. Only the highest standard of steel materials and the most reliable componentry are used. Every single item is controlled before assembling. Robot welding equipment is largely used to avoid any possible error. Complete automatic painting system, pre-assembling lines and final assembling are used to obtain an absolutely exclusive product.
C.V.S. was awarded with the ISO 9001 certificate under the RINA in 1996.

In July 2002, C.V.S. announced the acquisition of the Italian Company BELOTTI, the well-known Manufacturer of Container Handling Equipment.
The two Companies combine their competitive advantages and are able to offer a wider range of products including Straddle-Carriers, Shuttles-Carriers, Coil-Handlers, Aircraft-Handlers and a widespread after-sales service net.